Solution Service

Solution Service includes contents development through in-house R&D center, system development), and consulting services including EHS Consulting.

Contents Development

In-house R&D center to develop and publish learning contents of various format and for multiple platforms. Client-specific customized contents development is one of its forte.

    • The In-house R&D center can develop the contents in accordance with clients’ specific needs for their job-related business
    • Include military, aviation, construction, electronic, cross-cultural contests, well-developed by consulting and interview of SMHs from the clients


    • Designed to provide wide variety of expert knowledge with help of proprietary MOOC contents.
    • Scripts are provided with the topics, resulting in enhanced learning effects
    • On-line learning

System Development

The systems development team, in conjunction with the in-house R&D function, to offer customized systems and platforms for the clients’ various learning solutions.

    • The Learning Management System can be custom-designed to cater not only the academics or educational institutions but also the corporate training, recruitment and certifications.
    • Functions include deployment courses, management and communication with and among users, tracking performance and much more.

      Virtual reality Learning Solution

    • Immersive VR applications Designed to allow learners to learn by doing, not hearing
    • Applicable to the cross cultural learning, global skill training and the technology training
    • On-line learning

Consulting Service

Specialized service enabling the clients to systematically define their unique training needs and to put together dynamic and effective training program. HRD Consultation is another renown service.

    • Offers integrated services to assist with business strategy, HR, and innovations

      Environmental Health & Satety(EHS) Training Solution

    • Offers cutomized and on-site oriented curriculum according to industry and occupation.
    • Offers professional instructors and qualified consultants throughout the program

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