Leadership Solution

Carrot Global is leading the implementation of leadership
skills to quickly adapt to changing environments and foster leaders
who lead the growth of members of the organization.

  • CCL L4S Program

      The L4S Leadership Program is a program that drives success and growth as a leader that impacts the entire organization.

    • Based on the leadership behavior research of CCL, the world's leading leadership research institute.
    • Total 16 hours of training (8 hours*2 days or 4 hours*4 days)
    • Composed of 4 themes (Self awareness, Learning agility, Influence, Communication)
    • Both face-to-face and non-face-to-face education are possible (non-face-to-face education manuals are available)
  • Problem-Based Leadership Program

      Problem-based leadership is an active learner-centered workshop program based on field cases experienced by organizations, and consists of discussions, research, reflection, and presentations.

    • Create customized scenarios based on issues and difficult situations.
    • Active Learning through CD-PAS Problem Solving Techniques.
    • Collection of on-site problem case studies and solutions.
  • Leadership Programs by Levels x Competencies

      A practical leadership program that adapts the Harvard Business School leadership program to suit the local business environment.

    • Curriculum based on the Harvard Business School Leadership Program.
    • Provides tools, procedures, and tips to easily apply what has been taught in the field.
    • Provide educational content and coaching to respond quickly and effectively to major business problems that occur.
    • The program consists of ‘Micro-learning’, workshops and coaching.

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