Communication Competency Enhancing Solution

Communication Competency Enhancing Solution
provides the best education to improve customers
global competence and communication skills.

  • General & Business Communication Course

      This course provides customized programs centered on English and second languages for successful business performance.

    • Systematic curriculum design (proficiency tests and analysis)
    • Improve practical foreign language skills for successful global business.
    • Acquisition of global communication skills that contribute to business performance centered on the specific industry and field.
    • Improve confidence and communication skills by understanding local cultures and learning to adapt and communicate effectively based on a host of possible situations.
  • 1:1 Co-Active Learning

      A premium class centered on fast and accurate feedback,
      ‘Power Feedback Clinic’ applies cognitive behavior therapy and allows learners to have first-hand participation experience through various simulations and tasks.

    • 1:1 Co-Active Learning Instructor.
    • Provide customized learning design through individual demand surveys (Setting ‘Learning-by-Objective’)
    • Simulation-based behavior correction.
    • ELP (Exceed-Learning Center) is operated, along with learning method videos, and checking learners' weekly responses through ‘smile sheets’.
  • Language Lab Course

      A customized coaching course through 1-on-1 classes and
      1-on-1 intensive clinic sessions.

    • Customized education design system (20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour)
    • Setting LBO (Learning by Objective) and learning programs customized
      to learners' needs.
    • Provide dedicated system notes for Language Lab for systematic training.

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